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Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Student's Wedding at Burkill Hall, Botanic Gardens

My girls and I were invited to my 1998 Primary 4 student's January wedding 2015 in mid May 2014. We have been really excited about it and even bought our dresses for the January wedding while holidaying/ shopping in Penang. We received our wedding invite in early December. 
On 3 Jan 2015, my P4 student, Charissa invited me to be a witness at her beautiful wedding to Paul Chen held at Burkill Hall, Botanic Gardens. 
The weather is beautiful, the ceremony is beautiful and the bride is beautiful!
Exchange of vows
Exchange of rings
Signing of the wedding documents
Dinner was Peranakan/ local food which is a change from the usual fare. Quite delightful! :)
Wedding cake and Desserts! :)
Photos with the bridge and groom before we go home
My girls are really happy to have attended and witnessed their first wedding and dressing up for the occasion. :) I am really happy for my student, Charissa that she has found the right man to accompany her in this life. Thank you, Charissa for inviting us. It is an occasion we will not forget anytime soon! I wish both you and Paul a wonderful and blissful life together! 
PS. Coincidentally, Chrissa, as my student, was a witness at my wedding back in 2000! I invited my students (4Prudence girls from 1998, 1999, and 2000) to be my witnesses. :)


E. said...

hi, i would like to check with you if it's possible to get in touch with your student? i saw her wedding photos and i loved her wedding arch. was wondering where she got it from.

will appreciate if you could help me to contact her as i am planning for my wedding next year. thanks!

hweiming said...

Hi E,

Could you leave me your email so that I could get my student to contact you? In case you are worried about maintaining your privacy, all comments come to me first before they are published. I definitely won't be publish your email but will pass it directly to my student.

Hwei Ming