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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Retreat, Celebration and Farewell

It's timely for a mini-celebration with my RAs as we accomplished milestones within two of my projects - completion of data collection and completion of preliminary data analysis. 
I booked the four of us for a soap-making workshop at Soap Ministry. It is nice to be away from the office for a while and it is great for team-building and bonding as well, not that we need it much lol. 
All excited to start our soap making!
Hard at work trying to blend two essential oils
Going nuts blending scents
Cheryl pouring her soap mixture into the molds
A wefie while waiting for the soaps to harden
Our own customised soaps
We had lots of fun at the soap-making workshop. It was "difficult" too as we had to make decisions on what herb, what essential oil and what molds to use. We asked plenty of questions and we learnt lots too about the different herbs and essential oils and their benefits.
Besides it being a celebration of hard work, it is also a celebration of friendship and farewell lunch for Cheryl. We had it at our favourite Swensens.
Our favourite Earthquake sundae! 
Thank you, Cheryl for being part of our team. It has been a blast and we welcome you back anytime! We wish you all the best. Keep in touch! :)

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